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  1. gilwesl dit :

    Download links:
    This code is Free, each developer has own copyright… no one have to pay to download!
    Total Commander, Total Commander for Windows, Total Commander for Windows, Total Commander, Total Commander, GSoft Total Commander

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  2. haveale dit :

    This converter uses conversions from decimal to binary and binary to decimal. So this converter usually has mostly table…

    Instead of converting, opening Word document with Excel file. It does actually the conversion, is now possible with this Excel Template. Here is how to do:
    Insert Excel file (e.g. read from Hard Drive, or attach to Email-Attachment), then « Save as Word ».
    Again, if you have Problem with filename-changes, click in the button  »

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  3. radlred dit :

    What’s included

    Two Pro Edition

    One License to Microsoft Windows/Office

    Changes from previous version

    Added: additions to update being searched in Software Maintenance startup.

    Fixed: issues with update being failed.

    Removed: files does not belong to primary user in the « Documents » and « Pictures » folders.

    Fixed: inability of the Shield Password Safe to generate passwords.

    Fixed: ambiguity in a case where more than one Registry were

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  4. janlen dit :


    JSf viewState — how to deal with values that don’t have values in ‘params’?

    I have a jsf state with an invalid page. The page links to 2 view states in what I assume is the correct order.

    #{entry.equals(« ViewState »)? « Beware of the Id

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  5. gerzenp dit :

    The only downside of the software is the long-time which it generally takes to disable all its functions when it is no longer in use, which quite often makes you forget about scheduled tasks that are still waiting to be performed.

    5/5 / 1 votes


    Shutdown Clock Review by Mark Webber

    Shutdown Clock is a very useful tool to arrange power saving functions of your PC. It requires no setup, supports scalability and presets.


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  6. ellwale dit :

    Related News:

    Conquer the Wor(l)d 2 is a first-person shooter game developed by Hacker Mind. You are an elite commando whose task is to assault other players in this global arena. You’ve been promoted from private to field agent as part of a secret government program. Conquer the Wor(l)d 2 uses the Valve Source Engine. You control Farrah and you are on a mission against other players from around the wor(l)d. You

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  7. fiafor dit :

    The acclaimed Rhythm Comic is back for more retro-style comic mayhem.
    • Choose between characters, collect items, search your neighbourhood, and play mini-games.• Complete challenges with friends and share the stats online.• Mix gameplay to earn coins for boosters.

    The feature-packed « stuff pack » for the game, Destiny’s The Taken King, makes this high-powered action adventure even more appealing. There is loads of stuff packed into this update, including:

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  8. elenchri dit :

    New for version 2 is the option to create an email message or download as PDF file. It allows formulas in addition to the standard numbers. It fixes bugs, and runs faster and smoother. Optimized settings.

    You must be connected to the Internet to save your costumized interest capitalization as text in the clipboard.

    Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide in Any Order.

    A new function – loan interest, where you can put an approximate interest

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  9. elenchri dit :

    New for version 2 is the option to create an email message or download as PDF file. It allows formulas in addition to the standard numbers. It fixes bugs, and runs faster and smoother. Optimized settings.

    You must be connected to the Internet to save your costumized interest capitalization as text in the clipboard.

    Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide in Any Order.

    A new function – loan interest, where you can put an approximate interest

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  10. jaybtali dit :

    Desktop will always be in the top half of your screen, but users can also configure any shortcuts they want on the panel.
    Desktop can be configured to open your favorite browsers, upload files from your hard drive, manage your calendar or appointments from your MS Office; launching MS Office Excel, Google Chrome or a Web-browser.
    Desktop lets users open programs and applications from the Start Menu or the desktop or a web search or homepage.

    Virtual desktop is software designed to work as a

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  11. morehame dit :

    ■ Cannot be used on intranet (must have necessary setup for LAN surfing)
    ■ Cannot be used on HTTP proxy (maintained by the servers in connection)
    ■ Must be paid for new license if you want use at company.
    ■ Works on Windows
    ■ When encryption is enabled, incoming data is not encrypted by default (unless you set up.
    Auto encryption on previous settings on every 10minutes, but you

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  12. gartlili dit :

    I also created this widget


    The widget shows who is using your processor, using the time of last execution of each process.


    Warning: Shell scripts are disabled.
    Windows users: please install the latest Windows Service Pack.

    * The latest version requires.NET Framework 3.5 SP1

    * Run the wpquery.dll and show it to the desktop.

    * This is the command to use for a Windows PE:

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  13. weskar dit :

    Wednesday, July 26, 2011

    Our June meeting was Family and Friends cruise on the Blue Water. It had taken us ten days to get everything in order, but we had a grand time, and I think we had nice weather at the beach too!

    It was one of the best of those I’ve had over the years, the sail away party was nicely located and helped to greatly shorten the set-up time. It was a short crew too, we were only six out

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  14. dolpran dit :

    i run it on my HTC Desire, and it works 🙂

    (This software is reeeealllyy nice, i installed it on my htc desire, and now everyone using the video taken from my phone will be able to have some AC3 audio in the video :D)

    Note about the app’s window running video or anything

    the application’s rendering engine is handled in another thread so if you’re having a problem running the application, please try to close other windows

    6add127376 dolpran

  15. marimik dit :

    – It is an easy-to-use software that can store all your personal files with ease.
    – Attic Manager can be setup in seconds.
    – There is a centralized interface that features navigation controls like Next/Previous items.
    – The program is easy to learn and, although not a powerhouse of technology, it suits any user of any skill-level.
    – The package is priced in such a way that almost any user can afford it without breaking a sweat

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  16. firgwas dit :

    Windows 10 Movie Maker is a full-featured video editing software for experienced users. The application can be used for both professional and personal purposes. It allows you to create videos to share on YouTube and other video streaming sites.
    The Windows 10 Movie Maker is a perfect video recording software for quickly creating short videos. Moreover, it has the capacity to accelerate your videos. Furthermore, it contains an extensive range of stunning visual effects and filters to enhance your videos with realistic looks. The software supports 05e1106874 firgwas

  17. Saseriff dit :

    tears rumbling adele responsible brazil nice bonnie hear
    kissed devil psychologist solved brotherhood

  18. regahasi dit :

    A monitoring app that displays all the currently installed app and shortcuts in the quick access bar. This way, users can access installed programs, and right-click them to launch, bypassing the menu.
    Norton System Scanner’s objective is to scan the computer for malware, but as there’s no malware detector, you’ll have to look for it yourself. The program also monitors for system malfunctions like errors and battery problems.
    Programs running in the
    99d5d0dfd0 regahasi

  19. ulricher dit :

    Copyright (C) 2012-2016
    Tamarilo Team

    This program comes as a free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    66cf4387b8 ulricher

  20. feidgit dit :

    Auto RX is a utility that helps you locate the pins of two devices with respect to the given angle. By tapping the “given angle” controls (Angle A to Angle B, min to max) you can manually move the mirror’s position by tilting the device.
    You can also directly place pins using their precise coordinates (x and y) or manual way (e.g. [4;-8]), tap the button to move the mirror and slide
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  21. jamaing dit :


    Properties included with Screen2Video ActiveX Control

    Version: 11.0.9880.30006
    OS: Microsoft Windows 
    Platform: Windows 
    CPU: x86
    Application Version: 5.0
    Application Product: Geode
    Direct X version: 10

    Samples files: Complete pack: Source control: Source code
    Windows product: Source code
    Xpios product: Source code
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  22. gwykali dit :

    A new window will open, and the MSN Content Installed into your MSN Messenger within a few minutes.
    How to uninstall:
    Please firstly uninstall MSN Content Installer by running its setup exe file and then uninstall Messenger JUMP! MSN Content Installer from Control Panel > Programs

    Ape names Biohazard

    ApeNames – New Game!
    The game names and descriptions are the copyright of the respective game writers and its producer. Here, we
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  23. fyloweim dit :

    But it also includes some shortcomings that limit its use and versatility, for the general user.
    Sots Movie Converter Pro enables you to handle all forms of digital films in any order, edit and apply special effects to them, add subtitles and audio tracks, and later on run a number of specialized conversion techniques, e.g. save edited videos to the local hard drive, burn them on a DVD, and so on.
    The software is very easy to use. Simply pick the format that
    66cf4387b8 fyloweim

  24. laqhone dit :

    It was developed in Swift, and it is an open-source project. Using this tool might be a bit challenging, but it does not affect the overall usability of the package.

    MumaWatcher Premium is a software that was built to help individuals, both beginners and pros, by providing them with an attractive uPgrade to the best Internet auctioning software. It is a multi-media browser such as eBay, allows you to view auction statistics and watch video auction live, without any
    66cf4387b8 laqhone

  25. waynmoll dit :

    As Form Pilot is always ready to work with the most common types of form, there are no restrictions when it comes to file formats. And as far as the typography of files is concerned, you are free to use whichever font you like, such as Arial, Calibri and so on.


    Updated: Jun 06, 2019 18:04 IST

    A massive fire broke out at an iconic bridge in southern India’s Kolar Gold Fields district
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  26. randlyly dit :

    Gater-Pro comes with a GUI for creating some really original and professional effects.
    Gater-Pro features included are:
    – 2x 16-Step Stereo Gate patterns are always loaded at startup.
    – An export menu for all patterns to your hard disk
    – 8 slot presets for commonly used patterns.
    – Numbered graph
    – The ability to create your own presets for new patterns
    More information available at the official site of Gater-Pro. (www.
    ec5d62056f randlyly

  27. vanodeni dit :

    The distributed ASP.NET Open Source Licence
    Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Open Source Applications Foundation. All
    Rights Reserved.


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  28. kafemari dit :


    Asus Graphics Cards is a brand of video cards and graphics cards produced by Asus. The easiest way for you to access the BIOS and motherboard is to use a serial-port bootable floppy. Firstly, a new hard disk partition of free space must be created in the disk in which you want to install Windows 7 (I.e., C:).
    It is much easier to install an operating system directly into the existing partition and use the primary partition for storage. Backup
    ec5d62056f kafemari

  29. langmar dit :

    The set contains more than 200 icons (only the ones that are the best looking are included), which could be used for activities, documents, keys, trashcan, utility, error, smart car and more.

    Dekstop Weather Collector

    Page: Get it Now

    Download Now

    Buy Now

    Developed by Mega Electronics, the Dekstop Weather Collector is one of the notable weather gadgets you can install on your PC and quickly check and record current weather conditions, temperature
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  30. giosland dit :

    iYogi’s website bloats your device

    Tech junkie? Don’t know what to buy this gift for? Here’s an excellent guide suggesting high-quality gifts for all the tech lovers on your list! Affordable gift ideas for the geek who has it all! For gift suggestions for IT professionals, here are some ideas:
    Subscribe to TechARMY’s channel:
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  31. radyig dit :

    Nipah virus: Clinical and public health management in Asia.
    An outbreak of viral encephalitis of unknown aetiology, caused by an ultravirulent, zoonotic, paramyxovirus, Nipah virus, occurred in Malaysia. As a result of the sudden and dramatic spread of the outbreak, 236 cases including 105 deaths occurred. Treatment of affected persons with ribavirin or cidofovir alone failed to improve the survival rate. The outbreak was compounded
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  32. noccarv dit :

    The usable interface lets you place various animated Christmas trees without the need of any design skills.Q:

    Tkinter class statement not evaluated in Python

    I have this bit of code in Python 2.7 from a Tkinter tutorial:
    from tkinter import *
    root = Tk()
    root.title(« Educator »)
    root.geometry(« 800×500 »)

    class Teachers():
    def __init__(self, pid
    ec5d62056f noccarv

  33. maddroma dit :

    -clip: non-zero integer: the index of the input frame.
    -mask: non-zero integer: the index of the input frame.
    -color: non-zero integer: change color of inpainted image.
    -xsize: non-zero integer: increase inpainted area width.
    -ysize: non-zero integer: increase inpainted area height.
    -radius: positive integer: threshold the width and height of search texture.
    ec5d62056f maddroma

  34. primvank dit :

    What is more, the graph drawing library has built-in support for working with list items, data-binding, and visual properties, as well as common kinds of controls. So you can build intuitive charts that have a lot of functionality and flexibility.
    What you will need to know
    Do you need to know the.NET Framework 3.5 or the 3.5 SP1? This is no problem at all. The application will detect your.NET Framework version before you install it and
    ec5d62056f primvank

  35. phifred dit :

    The goals of the MUN are many. A MUN provides the opportunity for young people to learn, develop, and have fun while making new friends.




    [ English]

    [ MUN]
    ec5d62056f phifred

  36. kauogl dit :

    Note this control is only intended to be used for testing. It was written by Nicholas Pourakis and is distributed as part of RegExplorer 2000 and can be downloaded separately…

    Several years ago, Adam Jackson was introduced to a little known but powerful Windows application called PrintExports. PrintExports allows you to directly export your Windows print jobs to multiple file formats. This utility is quite useful when filing a report and you want to choose between an attractive-looking PDF, a text
    ec5d62056f kauogl

  37. oswepapy dit :

    The typing app also has the potential to turn language students into speedy typists, as it offers various tips on touch typing, such as non-slip silicone tips and the ability to change the amount of key press depending on the character.
    What’s new
    Version New: Improvements in the game section. More details in the online account
    Version fixes
    50e0806aeb oswepapy

  38. anseell dit :

    Runs on Windows XP and higher systems.

    Norton Installshield 3.6 is a powerful, easy-to-use in-app setup and deployment tool from Symantec for Windows that enables IT admins to create professional, streamlined applications with the installation and updates of up to 3 applications.

    It’s a powerful and easy to use In-App Deployment, is a standalone Windows application aimed at desktop users. It allows to create and deploy MSI, MSIw and MSIx
    50e0806aeb anseell

  39. scahal dit :





    File Size:

    1740 kb

    Date Added:


    File Version:


    Downloads Last Week:



    Windows XP (SP2)

    Publisher’s Description:

    If you are a Crysis fan you can enjoy this screensaver which provides high resolution screens
    50e0806aeb scahal

  40. amarrah dit :

    With a unique feature of the infinite canvas, it will take a while before you get bored of making notes.
    Download Notes Story Board:

    A Cool WordPress Theme Features:

    WordPress Optimized

    Revolution Slider



    Retina Ready

    How to Install the Note List WordPress
    50e0806aeb amarrah

  41. Wow! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely
    different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  42. olidou dit :

    Regarding The Program Window, we can find two configuration issues – the program hangs during the initialization in some cases and this is reflected in its performance.
    All in all, SharpArchiver is a tiny and well-designed tool that should appeal to users who need to compress and extract files with a simple and straightforward interface. It does more than just simple compression, which is a plus point. However, we could not get the program to create archives and extract items, which might be an issue for some
    50e0806aeb olidou

  43. yeriwarr dit :

     Any effort would be appreciated by the community.


    It’s Winamp clones, you won’t get any labels. Just a quick google search led me to:

    And here’s a Wikipedia article about them:

    So not just like WinAmp they list that it does mp3
    50e0806aeb yeriwarr

  44. manleti dit :

    Its user-friendliness allows the application to perform for a greater percentage of users, removing earlier obstacles to Windows work.
    Install a free Windows 7 trial version today and discover just how valuable a tool is WinFinder.

    Save time on Windows troubleshooting by using WinFinder. Quick, simple – and even free!

    (Your free trial will include the following features: Basic – No ads, Support for 40,000 and 60,000 handles, Mean objects, and Des
    50e0806aeb manleti

  45. lavemar dit :

    can be enabled
    ■ Diskette Drive can be turned OFF
    ■ PDA functionality
    ■ More information on Shakti Office can be obtained at


    Activity: 99

    Merit: 100

    99MemberActivity: 99Merit: 100 YaaS: Yet Another Asynchronous Advanced Ad Payments API September 04, 2012, 08:51:16
    50e0806aeb lavemar

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